Who Are You?

I am a journalist, a mom and an American expatriate living in London.

This is the third iteration of Running on Empty. I authored a column of the same name from 1996-1998 in The Oiler Times, the Huntington Beach High School paper of record (for background on that column, see here) and again in 2002 for The Stanford Daily (those columns are here, though sadly without the superbly awkward author photo that looked as though I thought the camera was stealing my soul.) I chose the title in 1996 because it worked on multiple levels. It was the title of a Jackson Browne song featured on the “Forrest Gump” soundtrack, an important cultural touchstone in my life at the time. It was also a clever pun on how overextended I felt as a person who had homework AND field hockey practice, a person that current time travel technology does not allow me to punch in the face.

If you’d like to know more about my other work, you can visit http://www.corinnepurtill.com.