What Is This?

This is a newspaper column, except it’s not in a newspaper. It’s published here on this website, on most Wednesdays.

I realize that this is not how a blog is supposed to work, that the whole point of Web publishing was to reject print media’s static, didactic model of news and opinion dissemination and turn it into a conversation. The thing is, though, that a lot of writers write precisely because they are asocial people who are not very good at conversation. In some ways I miss the orderly simplicity of the old way, when we had to wait and couldn’t talk back. This isn’t a space for the curating, commenting and endless feeding of the beast that goes along with creating a new media identity. It’s just a place where I can write, and if you wish, you can read.

Besides, you know how the Internet works. You tell your friend about this site, he tells another, and before we know it William Shatner is playing my husband in an unwatchable television adaptation of my life. Thanks for visiting, and for reading.