And Now for Something Completely Different

by Corinne Purtill

It took me all of a month to fail to meet my weekly column goal. Because this space is modeled after a newspaper column, we are going to excuse my absence with a simple tagline: Corinne Purtill is on special projects this week.

This works out well for you readers anyway, because I am filling this space instead with this most excellent 2010 Mike Sager column. I have trouble mustering sympathy for the whole six weeks of gloomy weather San Diegans must endure (you poor things! Shall I fly out from London to refill your wine glass and slap you upside the head?) but completely understand the sense of doom a gray sky brings. Maybe you can too. Enjoy.

May Gray. June Doom?

by Mike Sager

I’m hearing things.

Disturbing things.

No, not voices in my head.

(Does this look to you like an episode of Intervention?)

I’m talking about emails. People from here and there.

“The volume on life is turned way down,” writes one correspondent. “Everything sounds totally muffled. It’s as if I don’t feel too much of anything.”

“I am well in the sense that I am not directly ill, but I could certainly be better,” says another.

Writes a third: “I have reached a point of certain and definable stagnation in my life.”

Can you feel it, too?

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